Monday, December 15, 2008

Stockholm Subway

There are several subway lines in Stockholm, each on a different level. I take the blue line every day. Its at least six stories least it feels that way. This is the escalator out of my regular station.

A couple of us went sightseeing the other day for a bit (there's only about six hours of daylight this time of the year). The image below is the escalator at the Kings Garden station (end of the blue line). That's Yan at the bottom of the escalator, one of the people I work with. We were taking images of each other, one from either end. Having trouble spotting him? Its a long way down, and I didn't zoom in......

As you can see, there's not much space between the tunnel wall, the platform, and the train. Best to be on the platform when the subway arrives. The blue line is powered by 750 volts DC (according to what I've read) and travels about 80km/hr most of the time. Its pretty quick.


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