Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Too Busy To Blog

I've been too busy to blog lately. I will get caught up. Here's a few of the highlights that I'll cover in coming posts.

Trip to Warsaw
I wasn't able to secure a K7 before my flight, so I took my trusty K10D and several lenses. Warsaw has to be in the top three of the most loved cities I've ever visited. History is everywhere. There will probably be more than one post on this in the coming days. With lots and lots of pictures.

New Camera
Shortly after my return from Warsaw I bought a Pentax K7 and a 300mm F4 SDM lens. That should about do it for the time being (though the 55mm SDM lens looks.....hmmmm....interesting..... :) Subsequent posts will feature pictures from that camera, as my K10D has been kinda lonely since this new baby showed up.

MS Bike Tour
A week after I returned from Warsaw I rode in the NS Rona MS Bike Tour. Roughly 92km over two days. Since the first and second day were the second and third time I'd ridden my bike this year, I took it easy. I still made respectable time (I walked a lot in Europe this year) and raised over $2000. Exact numbers, photos, and more detailed descriptions to follow.

The day before we were due to start a week's joint vacation my other half was laid off. Long story, won't go into details, but we didn't let it crimp our style too much. Two days after the bike tour we went on a 5+ hour hike up Cape Split, Nova Scotia. That's roughly 2.75 hours up and 2.25 hours down. I got several good pictures with my new K7, including some of a patient Bald Eagle. It was overcast and foggy though, so by the time we got to the top, we could see the beach 300 feet below us, but that was about it. I'll post some links to the view from Cape Split when it is clear, so you can get an idea of what we missed.

House Sitting
The weekend after the bike tour friends of ours, who have a pool, and live on a lake, asked us to stay at their place to look after the house and the cats for the weekend. The weather was wonderful, the scenary was wonderful, and the wildlife was wonderful. I've got several pictures of most of the above. We had a great time.

Since then, I've been back to work. I've taken a few additional photos with my new camera, but not as many as I might like.

I wasn't feeling well last Friday, but by Saturday I felt good enough to start mowing the lawn. Considering some of my lawn had not been mowed yet this year due to travel and rain, the yard looks much nicer now. The scary bit is that after six hours last Saturday I wasn't done. I'd made great progress, but I wasn't finished. I probably should've stopped sooner.... :)

I'm also having the outside of my house painted, so that's exciting.

Last Sunday we went for a short walk, and then took in an exhibition basketball game put on by the Rainmen. That was fun, they rock. After that, we just took it easy.

A friend of mine sent me some links from his recent trip to Guatamala, which if he agrees I'll post here. He hiked a live volcano, hopped over a couple magma flows, generally had a good time and managed not to get incinerated.

Last but not least, I've ordered a 24" monitor (to help with my photography) and a monitor calibration tool. Hopefully they will both be here soon. I can't wait.

That's all for assured, I'm still on the right side of the grass... :)