Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I've Always Wanted a Walk In Closet

That was my first thought when I stepped into my hotel room. My second thought was "But I never thought of putting a bed, a desk, a TV a bathroom (with shower) a cupboard and an easy chair in there too!"......LOL.

The above shot was taken from the far corner of my room (shown in the next picture). If you look closely, you'll see you can see the bathroom reflected in the mirror.

That corner is where I took the previous image from, the bed is there, easy chair to the right (it didn't show up too well).

The desk, desk chair, minibar, and closet are shown in this photo. The closet doors have mirrors, and there is a helpful space underneath for putting shoes.

The room is small, but honestly all I do there is sleep. There hasn't been time to do anything else. I was going to order room service my first night here, but decided to go downstairs instead.

Many of the everyday things are different here. Sweden, like much of Europe, runs on 220 (or is it 240?) V AC power. The power outlets are (of course) different. So interestingly are the light switches. The light switches are large rocker switches (2" x 2" square usually) and, I'm assuming, better sealed against moisture than switches in North America. Standing on a wet bathroom floor and hitting a light switch with 220 V with a wet finger could be really really bad if it isn't sealed.

Door locks also look a bit different........I've seen a few North American cars here, but mostly not so much. Our computer chairs in the lab are much fancier than ones I've seen at home, very ergonomic.

Toilets flush differently, with a handle that you pull up mounted in the top of the lid, rather than a handle that you push down mounted on the side of the tank.

The computers look about the same......except when they're displaying Swedish messages.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Borkee Borkee Borkee was universal......


PS: I think my verification code is in Swedish: psesessu

December 16, 2008 at 10:13 AM  

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