Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stockholm at Night

I did some night photography on my last trip to Sweden. Actually, this time of year it was more like dusk photography.....:) This time of year it doesn't ever get really dark in Stockholm. That's in stark contrast to my first trip in Dec. when the sun went down around 3 in the afternoon..... :) That's the Swedish Parliament building from behind, at around 11pm. It was a 30 second exposure on my Pentax K10D using my 16-50 SDM lens. Let's just say that the in camera level that is a new feature of the upcoming K7 would've helped...... :)

I downloaded and ran PhotoMe recently. I had no idea there was that much EXIF data in my photos.

If anyone has any recommendations on places to get 16x20 prints made I'm all ears. I've got a half dozen or so recent pictures I want to get printed large, including that one. There's a dizzying array of places to do this, including some that can print on aluminum....that's expensive (by my standards) but it looks very cool from what I've seen so far..... :)

Warsaw is next on my list....and yes, I'm taking my tripod.... :)


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