Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Eagles Flock

Back in Nova Scotia, for a bit at least. I'm slowly getting caught up on my pictures and my posts. More on that in my next post.

You've probably heard the phrase, Eagles don't flock, they soar. They do soar, but if you throw a bunch of chicken scraps out as food in the winter time, they flock to them. I counted about 60 of them in this set of trees on a recent trip to Sheffield Mills. If you don't know the place, it is near Canning, in the Annapolis Valley. Every winter, barring bird flu concerns, the locals throw spare chicken parts from the local chicken processing factories out in the snow to feed the eagles. Its only advertised for about three weeks out of the year, but they feed them every day.

As a consequence, I think every bald eagle with a brain in the province over winters here..... :)

Eagles in flight are very difficult to photograph. I usually end up with a small eagle, or two, surrounded by a large portion of empty bluish film. With my new Pentax K10D, and my 50-135 zoom lens however, I took some of the best pics of them I've ever gotten. This has me thinking about either the 200mm or 300mm DA* lenses, or both.... :)
I like all of them, though the above is particularly nice, the one below is pretty much my all time favorite.

Relax, he didn't take out the crow. It just looks like he's about to...... :)

So, next time you hear 'they don't flock, they soar' remember......eagles do both...maybe I should use the Despair website (one of my favs FYI) to create a poster that says something like "Eagles don't read..." :)

Next time you have chicken, keep this in mind:


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