Friday, February 27, 2009

The Nordic Museum

Seen from the Vasa Museum, which is right next door, the Nordic Museum looks huge. We were anticipating being there for most of the rest of the day, and perhaps not being able to see all of it.

Wikipedia has a good article, together with an arial shot (on a much nicer day than when I visited) of the area.

After a morning of looking at the exhibits in the Vasa museum and taking countless pictures, we were hungry. We debated where to eat, so we decided to ask the lady at the entrance to the Nordic Museum if there were any good places to eat near by. She said they had a very nice cafe in the museum, and though we were a little skeptical we decided to try it. The food there, like pretty much everywhere else in Stockholm, was amazing.

On the way in, we realized it was not going to take as long to see everything as we originally thought. Most of the interior of the building is empty space.

This shot was taken from one of the balconies, looking the other way. The exhibits are all around the exterior walls on three floors.

This statue of Gustav Vasa, Sweden's founding king, was about the only other thing there that I took pictures of. The other exhibits were interesting, but didn't trigger an impulse to raise my camera to my eye and press the shutter. The forhead of this sculpture, which is entire done in wood, is said to include wood from a tree planted by the king himself during his lifetime. The statue is positioned so it is pretty much the first thing you see inside the museum as you walk in.

After we were done here, we walked back to our hotel, got showered and changed and, of course, went to work...... :)


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